Monday, July 11, 2011

Little comparisons of bumGenius and Kawaii Cloth Diapers

Just a quick post of some things I've learned/noticed with these two types of pocket diapers. For those wondering the cloth diapers I am comparing and talking about are the bumGenius 4.0 with snaps and the KaWaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter One-Size Pocket with snaps.

  • The sun really does get out stains!!!!!!
  • bumGenius are everywhere and easy to order in the snaps(the kind I prefer) except in the color ribbit which I still don't have. Kawaii not so easy to find. (Thanks to Jack Be Natural)
  • Kawaii have a softer inside lining than bumGenius.
  • I prefer Kawaii inserts over bumGenius.
  • Kawaii diapers have more snaps for a tighter fit around your baby's stomach/waist but take a little more time to snap than a bumGenius.
  • Kawaii GNHW are all I use at nap or nighttime unless I use the Kawaii insert inside the bumGenius and yes they fit!! Yay!

Here are a few PROS and CONS for me from both types of diapers.

bumGenius PROS

Fast drying time on the line
Easy and fast to snap
Tight elastic around legs to prevent leaking
Work great as a swim diaper without the insert
Comes with two inserts; a newborn and a one-sized insert
Sweet colors and cute

bumGenius CONS
Inserts are not as absorbent as other inserts
Bulky when stuffed with two inserts
Leaked at nap and nighttime because two inserts caused the elastic around the legs to not fit correctly

Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter PROS

Extra set of snaps for better fit
Elastic fit pretty tight around legs
No leaks at nap or night time
Inserts are VERY absorbent
Cute designs

Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter CONS

Limited supply with snaps

All in all both types of diapers are almost exactly the same with a few minor differences. I like them both equally and would recommend them both to anyone with questions regarding cloth diapers and types.


  1. Love this! I truly love my Kawaii diapers, and just recently found Jack Be Natural and am in love with them! :)

  2. Oh so sorry. Just now seeing this! I love Jack Be Natural too even a whole year and a few months since this post! Thanks for the comment.